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Pensacola’s Metaphysical Shop owned by Pagans for Pagans of all paths.

The shop had been a dream of Krista's for many years and has

now manifested into reality in the form of The Celtic Cauldron.

She opened the shop with the help of her husband in January

of 2014.


While in the Flea Market the shop moved four times, all the while growing. 

March of 2018  found then moving the shop into their own store front

 and it has become a haven for all paths to come together as kindred spirits. 

After a lot of hard work, long nights and  the removal of 12 foot of wall joining the two spaces 

they once again expanded and opened Enchanted Teas-a Herbal Tea Room on October 6, 2018

October  of 2022 found us once again moving into a bigger place. The new building has allowed for growth

in several areas, including adding a hypnotherapist an energy healer and a Master Herbalist.


Stop by the shop and look around, sit and have a cup of tea, or a cold drink and enjoy the

energy that abounds here.   We are a safe place for all paths, everyone is welcome.

We carry candles of all shapes and sizes. Chalices, books of all kinds to help you learn and grown, stones, tapestries, bags, all cotton skirts, capes and robes, incense, sage, sweet grass, jewelry and many other items.

DeeDee Shepard /Crystal Vibes Energy Healer and Licensed Massage Therapist and Becca Moon Licensed Hypnotherapist and Life Coach are both on staff now with us. Please go to the staff page to see their information.

We offer a line of all natural herbal lotions, salves, lip balms, bath salts and soap. 

We also carry organic herbs and pure essential oils.
Classes and workshops are offered as well as spiritual counseling and many other services.

Keith and Krista are always here to answer questions and help guide you to find your path.  

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