Upcoming Events




June 2021

           6th- Guided Mediation and Energy Work 2:30 Free

            7 th - We will be closed.

            12th-Litha The Rites and Rituals  1-3pm $10.00

             12th- Past Life Regression with Terry Stokes 6:30pm $35.00

             19th- Hours changed for Litha Ritual We are open from 10am-4:00pm

             26th-  Crystal Grid Workshop 1:30-3:30pm $25.00

             18th- Guided Mediation and Energy work Free 2:30pm

             27th- elements and Elementals 12-3:00pm $10.00

             25th- Rites and Rituals of Beltane 12-3pm $15.00 Come make a miniature Maypole

July 2021


            4th- We will be closed for the Fourth of July.