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Upcoming Events


You can purchase advanced tickets for any of the classes and workshops at; under classes.

DeeDee and Crystal Vibes is now at the shop Mon, Thursday, Friday and Saturday offering Crystal Healing and Energy work.

You can reach her at the shop's number 850-390-1949.

Becca is now on staff as a Hypnotherapist and uses Hypnotherapy and Life Coaching to help YOU create the life you want.       



                          4th- Learn to Read the Cards  12:00 $25.00 advanced/ $30.00 day of. 

                          10th-  Plant Swap and Garden talk

                          11th- Grounding and Meditation 2:30 Free

                          17th- Rites and Rituals of Litha  $10.00 12:30

                          17th- Closing early for Litha Ritual

                          18th- Happy Father's Day  

                          24th- Pendulum Making $15.00 12:00

                          24th-Past Life Regression $40.00 6:30pm

                          25th- Grounding and Meditation 2:30 Free

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