Upcoming Events



You can purchase advanced tickets for any of the classes and workshops at; Thecelticcauldronshop.com under classes.

DeeDee and Crystal Vibes is now at the shop Mon, Thursday and Friday offering Crystal Healing and Energy work.

You can reach her at the shop's number 850-390-1949.


September 2021

            4th- Closing @ 5 

            11th -  Angels B's Aura Photography 12-4 $ 45.00

            12th -  Rites and Rituals of Mabon 12-3 $10.00

            18th- Wand Making Workshop 12-4 $10.00

            19th- Guided Mediation and Energy work Free 2:30pm

             25th- Closing Early for Mabon Ritual

             25th- Crystal Vibes Crystal Healing 11-3:30

             26th - Crystal Vibes Crystal Healing 11-3:00


            2nd - Witch Hat Decorating 12-4  $25.00

            3rd - Witch Hat Decorating 12-3  $25.00

            17th Rites and Rituals of Samhain $10.00  12-3pm

            23-24th -  Closed for The Witches Ball

            30th - Halloween Cookie Decorating 11-4 $5.00 a person-includes 4 cookies to decorate 

            31st - Trick or Treat at The Celtic Cauldron  11-3:30 pm  Join us for games and treat!